Integrative Medical Consultations

Dr. Birdee offers 1 hour Integrative Medical Consultations for adult and pediatric patients. Integrative Medical Consultations provide personalized guidance for incorporating integrative modalities into your healthcare. Dr. Birdee has extensive knowledge regarding the evidence for specific integrative treatments and how to apply them. He provides integrative medical consultations at Ha.Le in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Mind-Body Therapy

Do you want a personally designed mind-body practice that is tailored for your physical, mental, and spiritual goals? Dr. Birdee works individually with clients using traditional mind-body wisdom traditions and biomedical science to develop personalized practices. Explore mind-body therapy with Dr. Birdee.

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Are you a mind-body teacher or therapist seeking personal and professional advancement? Dr. Birdee offers individual mentoring to guide you regarding principles of mind-body medicine and personal development. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

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