Consulting and Teaching

Integrative Health Lectures and Courses

Dr. Birdee has lectured internationally on integrative health and mind-body practices rooted in traditional practice and current biomedical evidence. Presentations are one hour and delivered to:

  • Clinicians seeking to learn, recommend, and use integrative services in their practice.
  • Patients wanting to know how to apply and seek integrative health as part of their medical care. 
  • Student health professionals learning how to incorporate and recommend integrative health in their practices.
  • Corporations seeking to improve the health and wellbeing of employees

To schedule a lecture contact us through the About link above. 

Online courses are offered as part of the Yoga Well Institute. Topics include biomedical evidence and basis for mind-body practices.


Online Courses

Intensive workshops

Workshops provide daylong in-depth training on use of integrative and mind-body modalities for health. Workshops presently are being offered to:

  • Clinical health professionals 
  • Mind-body and integrative health professionals and students
  • Corporate employees

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Dr. Birdee provides consulting on research projects for integrative health. His expertise include:

  • Study design of clinical trials or mechanistic studies for integrative modalities.
  • Development of mind-body interventions for clinical application and research.
  • Outcome measurement for integrative and mind-body therapies
  • Measurement of treatment quality and adherence for mind-body therapies
  • Training mind-body teachers and therapists to participate in clinical research

Research Consults